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Michigan Liquors has been proud to serve the Brookland  Neighborhood for more than 50 years, with industry leading prices and knowledgeable staff. 


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Our story

Michigan Liquors has been a locally owned an operated store in the Brookland Neighborhood for more than 50 years. During the summer of 2017 the store went under a large interior renovation and re opened in August of that year. We are proud to serve all members of the community and we support the Catholic University, MedStar Hospital and the Brookland Arts walk. 

In November 2018 Michigan Liquors hired Matthew Burch to manage the store. Matthew graduated from Virginia Tech with a Degree focusing on the Geography of Wine. Following his graduation Matthew became a fine wine account manager and worked with wine stores, liquor stores and high end restaurants to build their portfolios of unique products. He is always available to answer any of your wine, beer or liquor questions.   

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